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Work package 2: Case Studies (I): Trajectories of Shrinkage

In the centre of the Work package (start pf project phase II) will be the execution of the first phase of the case studies. Basing on the specified analytical framework as well as research design developed in Work package 1, the case studies will be comparably analysed due to the determined research fields or cross-cutting themes. At the beginning of Work package 2, the leading partner works out a common structure for the research reports that will be the main result of Work package 2. In a second step, all partners fill in this structure with appropriate information and data, both meeting the requirements of a comparable analysis as well as adding specific information about their respective case study city. It needs to be emphasised that the main task of Work package 2 is the focused collection, generation and pre-structuring of data and information in a broad sense. Research methods will comprise the analysis of secondary and statistical data as well as information gathering on the municipal (and possibly also regional as well as national) level. Their in-depth analysis will be left for the following Work package 3-7. At the same time, the case-study reports representing the main deliverable outcomes (“deliverables”) of Work package 2 serve also as ingredients for the final research report which has to be worked out in Work package 8.


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