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Work package 8: Drawing conclusions, final report

Work package 8 opens the final phase (IV) of the project and aims at summarising all research results within a comprehensive research report based on the outcomes of Work package 1-7. Being guided by the work package leaders, the report will consist of clearly separable “deliverables” (scientific report, summary of guidelines, and policy alternatives) being roofed over by a general evaluation of the research undertaken as well as the used analytical framework and research design. It will be created in a form that makes it easily publishable as a digital document (e.g. on EU websites, as a CD-ROM) and as a volume that is intended to be published by a highly-esteemed scientific publisher. The work on it will be consecutive from the time that the first empirical reports will be finished; a full draft version will be discussed during the final full meeting and finished for publication by month 36. The project coordinator guarantees the surveillance of the process of publication also beyond the duration of the project.


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