The Project "Natural Capital Germany − TEEB DE" ...

"Natural Capital Germany − TEEB DE" focuses on nature's services at the national level. The main task was to produce four topic-based reports presenting the economic case for nature conservation, as a complement to ethical and ecological arguments.

The following key policy issues are addressed:

  • What role do ecosystems in Germany play in climate mitigation and adaptation?
  • How can we safeguard ecosystem services in rural and protected areas?
  • How do urban parks and ecosystems contribute to the quality of life in cities?
  • What options and policy instruments are available for better integrating the value of biodiversity and ecosystem.

Accompanying, "Natural Capital Germany" has published an introductory brochure (2.6 MB) on the approach and a brochure for business.

… an interactive and open process

Numerous individuals from academia, public policy, business and civil society have collaborated on the reports. From 2012 to 2018, "Natural Capital Germany" has synthesized current research on ecosystem service valuation and showcased successful examples of taking into account the social and economic importance of natural capital in Germany.

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The Value of Nature for Economy and Society