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Impressions of Leipzig and Halle (Germany)

Impressions of Leipzig...

Renovated housing stock in Schleußig
Arial view on Leipzig's city centre
Vacancies in renovated housing stock
Former workers' district Plagwitz
Successional stages on residential brownfield
The central traffic axis Eisenbahnstraße
Modernized large housing estate in Grünau
Street art in the former workers' district Plagwitz
Recultivated water landscape in Plagwitz
Residential brownfields in Leipzig-Lindenau
Residential brownfield site in Neustadt-Neuschönefeld
Large housing estate in Leipzig-Grünau
Grocery shop in the district Neustadt-Neuschönefeld
Demolition of housing in Leipzig-Grünau
Mixture of different housing types in Leipzig

Impressions of Halle...

Large housing estate in Halle-Neustadt
Halles' city centre
Old built-up area in Halle
Suburbanization around Halle
Demolition of housing in Halle-Silberhöhe
Large housing estate in Halle-Silberhöhe
Modernized large housing estates in Halle
Mixture of unrenovated and refurbished housing stock in Halle-Glaucha
Demolition of housing stock in Halle
Unrenovated housing stock in Halles' city centre
Unrenovated housing stock in Halle-Glaucha
Unrenovated housing stock in Halle-Glaucha
Demolition of housing in Halle's city centre in the 1980s
Unrenovated and vacant building in Halle
Large housing estate in Halle-Glaucha before demolition
Photos by Annegret Haase, Johanna Ludwig, Matthias Bernt, Thomas Arndt and AKI


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