7th International Conference
Novel Methods for Subsurface Characterization and Monitoring:
From Theory to Practice
NovCare 2023
October 4-6, 2023
Valencia, Spain
NovCare 2015

NovCare 2023 will be postponed to an anticipated date of 21-23 May, 2025

Refund/Cancellation Policy

NovCare 2023 reserves the right to cancel the conference and return all the fees in the event of insufficient registration. The liability of the Universitat Politècnica de València is limited to the registration fee. The Universitat Politècnica de València will not be responsible for any losses incurred by registrants, including but not limited to airline cancellation charges or hotel deposits. 

Conference Organizers

Valencia Polytechnic University
UFZ- Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research
University of Waterloo
University of Texas at Dallas
Kansas Geological Survey



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NovCare 2023 European Coordinators
Uta Koedel & Christine Liang
Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ
Department Monitoring and Exploration Technologies

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