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Collectively imagining the future – a key to governance for sociotechnical transformations
Seven short films portray the Transformations to Sustainability programme. Six films present insights from specific projects, showing how they worked with communities in diverse places around the world to understand the complex relations between social structures, the material world and environmental and social change. A longer film explores some of the difficult questions around transformations to sustainability and proposes approaches to tackling the defining challenge of our times.

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Renewable Futures and the Future of Renewables
Keynote at the conference "Energy Futures − Emerging Pathways in an Uncertain World!", Feb 22-26, 2021
Sheila Jasanoff

Environment Support Group (ESG) Global Web Talk: Modernity without its clothes: The pandemic crisis shines a light on futilities of control
Andy Stirling and Leo Saldanha
May 15, 2020

Environment Support Group (ESG) Global Web Talk: Imaginaries for a Resilient and Inclusive New World
Sheila Jasanoff and Leo Saldanha
April 25, 2020