Fish and frog embryos

Optional workshop

We will offer two optional workshops on the 28th of the November (afternoon) given the interest that we identified from the previous symposium. Most of you would travel on the same day and hence, no additional hotel booking would be required. You can register for one of the two workshops during the registration process. A small extra fee will be applied to cover our additional expenses.

AOPs and their relevance for early life stages (would be conducted by Dries Knapen, University of Antwerp, Dan Villeneuve, US-EPA)

The adverse outcome pathway (AOP) concept has provoked considerable interest in the field of human and environmental toxicology. This concept provides a useful framework for structuring and organising knowledge concerning adverse effects of chemicals and can guide and support the development of predictive assays, for instance, using fish and amphibian embryo models, and their potential applications in risk assessment.

The workshop will give a general overview on AOPs and their applications, with a focus on case studies relevant to embryonic or early life stages. Participants will also be provided with an introduction to the AOP-Wiki, with a focus on how to both use and contribute to the information found therein, including approaches for extracting and utilizing AOP networks. Presentation and demonstrations by the instructors will be complemented with time for question and answer.

KNIME workflows for zebrafish embryo data analysis (would be conducted by Jeanette Prinz, KNIME AG)    

Using embryonic stages for the assessment of chemical effects enable small scale and high-throughput analysis that may produce large data sets. This require routines to automatically assess data. KNIME (Konstanz University Information Miner) is one platform that enables such automatic data evaluation. It has already been used for evaluation of zebrafish embryo data, e.g. from behaviour or image analysis. The workshops is intended for those that would like to know more about the KNIME platform and have no or little experiences.


Stefan Scholz

Marc Léonard

Scientific organising committee

Stefan Scholz UFZ
Mark Léonard L'Oréal
Noémie de Crozé L'Oréal
Jessica Legradi IVM (VU Amsterdam)
Aldert Piersma RIVM
Peter de Witte Univ. Leuven
Stephanie Padilla US EPA
Juliette Legler IRAS (Utrecht Univ.)

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