About this website

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This website provides supplementary material for the book “Bioanalytical Tools in Water Quality Assessment” Second Edition.

There is a video that introduces and summarises each chapter. Questions are available for beginner, advanced and expert levels on the scroll-down menu on the left.

For some of the more technical chapters, e.g., concentration-response modelling, excel templates are available with illustrative examples.

You can work through the chapters individually – they are self-contained.

Some useful combinations are:

  • For the novice: 1-3-10-13-14
  • For the regulator: 1-2-3-9-10-13-16
  • For the practitioner: 1-10-11-7
  • If you plan a field study: 12-10-13-14
  • For the mixture modeller: 1-7-8-13
  • If you know it all and want to know what’s on the horizon: 15-16