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UC Urban Labs @ Anhui

Tongji>Chaohu>Hefei, April 2018: After launching the first Urban Lab at Tongji University in 2017, now locations for further installations of the UC demonstration project "Urban Monitoring" have been decided in Heifei and Chaohu. The Urban Labs at different locations are connected by AMC and WISUTEC provided UC hard- and software products (SensoMaster and AL.VIS) and will be integrated into the Environmental Information System (OGS^VR).

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Biomonitoring @ Hubei

Wuhan, 2017: The UC demonstration project "Biomonitoring" has been successfully accomplished in Wuhan. Dr. Rybicki (TUD-IHB) togehter with bbe Moldaenke installed the Daphnia-Toximeter and other physico-chemical measurement devices at Lake Bao'an in Wuhan. For wireless data transfer AMC and WISUTEC provided UC hard- and software products (SensoMaster and AL.VIS).


Hubei MEPs re-visit in Saxony

Dresden, 13.12.2017: Minister LI visited SMUL in Dresden before Christmas time. During dinner new opportunities including scientific cooperations have been discussed, in particular concering the envisaged "UC-Wuhan" initiative, which is not just a copy of "UC-Chaohu" in Hubei but having significant extensions, e.g. investigating interaction processes between surface and groundwater.


UC @ Saxony Delegation

Wuhan, 17.11.2017: UC participated the delegation travel due to the 10th Anniversary of cooperation between Free State of Saxony and Hubei Province. During the Signing Ceremony, a MoU between the Institutes of Hydrobiology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Technische Universität Dresden was signed.


UC @ Wuhan

Wuhan, 18.10.2017: DURING the IACMAG 2017 Conference Olaf Kolditz visited the UC Partners in Wuhan to discuss the new "Urban Catchments" prososal.


Tongji and HC Systems visit Urban Catchments Partners

Prof. LIAO Zhenliang (Tongji), Mr. FAN (CEO), and Mr. LI from HC System visited the project partners of Urban Catchments in Leipzig, Chemnitz, and Dresden from 21.-25.07.2017.

Installation of biomonitoring in Bao'an Lake in Wuhan

UC biomonitor successfully installed in Wuhan

Dr. Rybicki successfully launched the UC biomonitoring demonstration project – another big step of TP C. The innovative Daphnientoximeter manufactured by bbe moldaenke is additionally equipped with special sensors (IQSensorNet) from CAS-IHB for better monitoring of nitrate and ammonia.

China’s Minister Counsellor for Science & Technology visits VISLAB

China’s Minister Counsellor for Science & Technology visits UFZ

On 07. June.2017, Mr. Jun Yin, China’s Minister Counsellor for Science & Technology from the Chinese Embassy in Berlin, with the secretary Dr. Jinhua Wang visits UFZ.

2. UC Status-Conference

2nd Urban Catchments Status Conference

On 23.05.2017 the 2nd Urban Catchments Status Conference of the BMBF CLIENT project "Managing Water Resources for Urban Catchments" took place in Leipzig. 

Saxon Delegatio

Workshop „Sino-German Cooperation in the „Major Water Program“

Workshop „Sino-German Cooperation in the „Major Water Program“took place on 12.May.2017 at Tongji University. „Urban Catchments“ Team was meeting in Shanghai.

Saxon-Delegation 07 – 13.May.2017

The Technology Forum in Environmental Technology

On 10.May.2017, the Technology Forum in Environmental Technology took place in Wuhan. Two points were discussed: Environmental Information System in Wuhan (e.g Han river, East Lake, or Yangtze River) and the support from SMUL.


(Foto: M. Frassl)

Buoy from Magdeburg deployed on Chao Lake

In the beginning of March, the measurement buoy, which was jointly developed by the engineering company Plischke and the UFZ, arrived safely in Nanjing (see articles below). On 10th of March, Burkhard Kuehn and Dr. Marieke Frassl from the Department of Lake Research, UFZ set out to China, too.


Foto: Dirk J. (TU Dresden)

UC@CLIENT goes Africa

In February the University of the Free State at Bloemfontein hosted the African Water and Client Resilience Symposium 2017.Dr. Dirk Jungmann and Dipl. Hydrol. Jörg Seegert have been invited to present the latest results from the UC@CLIENT project entitled: High resolution monitoring for integrated assessment of water management impacts.

Magdeburger Boje reist nach China

Magdeburg's buoy goes to China

The Magdeburg newspaper "Volksstimme" reported on 14.02.17 about the transport of a research buoy from the UFZ Magdeburg to the Chao Lake, China. The buoy allows the researchers to better observe the algae concentration in the Chao lake and thus contributes to the aim of improving water quality in the Lake. This was explained by the UFZ project manager Dr. Karsten Rinke, who is from the Department of Sea Research of the Urban Catchments project, in an interview with the newspaper.

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  • 13.12.2017: MEP Hubei Minister LI in Saxony
  • 30.11.2017: UC-II Wuhan proposal submitted
  • 17.11.2017: MoU between IHB CAS and TUD signed
  • 21-25.07.2017: Tongji and HC Systems visiting UC more
  • 07.06.2017: China's Minister Counsellor for Science & Technology visiting UFZ
  • 23.05.2017: 2. Urban Catchments Statuskonferenz in Leipzig more
  • 15-19.05.2017: 3. Sino-German Workshop in Jiayuguang
  • 06-13.05.2017: SMUL delegation travel in China
  • 28.03-03.04.2017: Visiting CREAS and Tongji University
  • 15-20.03.2017: Magdeburgs Buoy to Chaohu


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