Risk Habitat



C. Büscher, Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe; A. Mascareño, Universidad Alberto Hurtado


  • develop a heuristic for a qualitative risk assessment
  • generate a comprehensive and dense description of the mechanisms of risk production in Megacities in general and in particular for Santiago de Chile

Involved organizations and scientists

Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe - FZK
G. Bechmann, Ch. Büscher, A. Grunwald, H. Lehn

Universidad Alberto Hurtado
A. Mascareño, Doctoral Candidate (TBD), G. Azócar

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile - PUC
C. Rodriguez Seeger, R. Lagos

Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean - ECLAC/CEPAL
J. J. Gomez, R. Szalachman