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Water Supply and Modelling


Safely and economically produce and distribute water is part of optimizing the use of water resources in a scenario of future limitation. The aim of the group “Water supply and modelling” is to study the operational condition of Caesb’s (local water supply and sewage company) water production and distribution network, in order to promote the implementation of a modern automated network operation control system. In this project part, models developed at the Chair of Water Supply Engineering (TUD) to describe water quality deterioration will be adapted to the Brazilian situation and developed further to optimize the distribution system.

Within the subproject, simulation models will be used to characterize the potential water quality deterioration of Brasília’s distribution system based on operational conditions and water quality at water works outlets. Operational rules will be optimized, energy and treatment costs reduced as well as use of installed capacity of existing equipments improved. Demand studies will be necessary to predict scenarios of water supply in Federal District, so, evaluation of provisional models will be a part of the study. Besides, problems of water losses reduction and determination of their influence in demand scenarios will be addressed in this study as well. Measures to reduce transient hydraulic impacts in mains operation will be developed on laboratory and field scale.


  • Study the existing drinking water distribution system and water demand in order to predict scenarios of water supply in FD
  • Develop a hydraulic simulation model to serve as a basis for implementation of an automated network operation control system (to be implemented by Caesb)

Participating research groups

  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. W. Uhl, Dipl.-Ing. K. Ripl, Dresden University of Technology (TUD), Institute of Urban Water Management, Chair of Water Supply Engineering
  • K. Neder, L.C. Itonaga, Companhia de Saneamento Ambiental do Distrito Federal – Brasília (CAESB)


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Uhl
Dresden University of Technology
Institute of Urban Water Management
George-Bähr-Str. 1
D-01062 Dresden
Phone: +49 (0) 351 463 33 126


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