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Department BOPHY
This archive contains data on which the article "Physical constraints for respiration in microbial hotspots in soil and their importance for denitrification" in Biogeosciences by Schlüter et al. is based. It comprises:

1 CT_data: Segmented X-ray CT data for which different morphological properties of the air-filled pore space are computed. The data is stored in the mhd/raw file format, where important meta information is stored in the mhd-textfile and the actual image data is sotred in the raw-file. the spatial resolution of all images is 35µm. The basename convention is:

SS_[hotpsot architecture][saturation]_[replicate]

hotspot architecture: AP - layered, RM - random
saturation: 30, 60, 90 %WFPS
replicate: small letter

The material labels are 1 - air, 2 - water, 3 sand, 4 - hotspots and exterior

2. Gas kinetics.xlsx: Time series of gas concentration (O2, CO2, NO, N2O, N2) for all incubation jars numbered 1-27. The assignement of jar numbers to the specific combination of hotspot architecture and saturation is listed in the treatment tab. The summary of effective properties for each jar (electron flow, product ratio, cumulative release of final respiration products) is listed in the summary tab

3. CT_summary.xlsx: Listing of all the morphological properties (air connectivity, air tortuosity, air distance, air content, air saturation) for each year. Values are either reported as averages over the entire sample or only for the sand in direct contect to microbial hotspots.
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