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Schlüter, Steffen, Berg, Steffen, Li, Tianyi, Vogel, Hans-Jörg, Wildenschild, Dorthe: Time scales of relaxation dynamics during transient conditions in two-phase flow, Water Resources Research, accepted, doi:10.1002/2016WR019815

The CT data is provided in a zip folder that contains four subfolders (A,B,C1,C2) in which the segmented images for all time steps of each relaxation experiment is stored. In addition, the timestamps and all state variables discussed in the paper (macroscopic pressure difference P_n-P_w, saturation S_w, interfacial area A_wn,Euler characteristic \chi_n, interface curvature H) are summarized for all four experiments in the Excel file WRR2017_summary.xlsx

File Format:
The individual images are stored in the ITK metaimage format. The mhd file contains important meta information and the image is stored as a binary block in the raw file. This file format can be read by any image processing software based on ITK, as well as other common software toolboxes like Fiji/ImageJ, ParaView and QuantIm. If the ITK metaimage file format is not compatible with your software toolbox, then just import the raw file directly according to the meta information stored in the mhd file.

File name convention:
The files are stored according to the following convention:
experiment: MD=C1, MD2=B, MD3=A, MD4=C2
sample: from a_A to c_Z

Image content:
Gray values correspond to following material classes:
0 – non-wetting phase
1 – wetting phase
2 – solid phase and exterior
2,1 GB
Data quality
quality assured data
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