Simulation results with the forest model FORMIND: study site Hohes Holz 0 11181

POF3 - T533 - From Models to Predictions - Hohes Holz
Forest simulation data of the 1ha intensive research area in Hohes Holz Germany (DE-HoH), 52°08N 11°22E, 193 meters above sea-level.

all simulated carbon fluxes including GPP, Reco, NEP

Full simulation data of each tree.

Full simulation data of each tree of simulation experiments:
-HoH_FagusSylvatica_species_experiment .res

Supplementary data of the paper:
Holtmann, A.; Huth, A.; Pohl, F.; Rebmann, C.; Fischer, R. Carbon Sequestration in Mixed
Deciduous Forests: The Influence of Tree Size and Species Composition Derived from Model Experiments. Forests 2021.
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