Attend the 15th European Forum on Urban Forestry Conference!

Leipzig, Germany, May 8 – 12, 2012

Urban Forests – Ecosystem Services and Sustainable Maintenance

Conference aim

The conference will focus on “Urban Forests – Ecosystem Services and Sustainable Maintenance”, a topic that will highlight the crucial role played by urban forests in delivering essential ecosystem services for people in urban landscapes, especially in relation to the problem of how to maintain new large-scale urban forests and urban green spaces with declining public sector budgets. This is a problem that is more and more abundant in cities with industries and societies in transformation.

Conference topics

Conference Programme

The conference programme is still subject to change. Details and additional information on the programme will be continually updated. The current status is listed on the conference programme page.

Conference hosts and venue

Hosts of the conference are the Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research – UFZ, Department of Conservation Biology and the City of Leipzig, Office for Urban Green and Water Courses. The City of Leipzig will host the conference day on Wednesday, May 9th in the City Hall and the UFZ will host the conference days on Thursday, May 10th and Friday, May 11th in the Leipziger Kubus..
F&U Confirm is responsible for the conference secretary.

Kindly supported by IUFRO – The Global Network for Forest Science Cooperation


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A mosaic of garden plots in LeipzigA mosaic of garden plots in Leipzig.

Boat tripsWater canals cross the City.

Riparian forest beside the city.Riparian forest beside the city.

Riparian forest beside the city.A green ring around the city center.