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GLOBAQUA (Managing the effects of multiple stressors on aquatic ecosystems under water scarcity) has assembled a multidisciplinary consortium in order to study the interaction of multiple stressors within the frame of strong pressure on water resources.
GLOBAQUA assesses the effects of water scarcity on aquatic ecosystems by focusing on six river basins (Ebro, Adige, Sava, Evrotas, Anglian and Souss Massa). These basins encompass a rich set of socio-ecological conditions and a wide geographic coverage, and focus on a specific set of stressors to illustrate different management scenarios.

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Aquatic Ecosystems is an integrated project (IP) of the research topic “Sustainable Water Resources Management” within the Helmholtz research programme “Terrestrial Environment”.

According to the European Water Framework Directive, surface water bodies have achieved a good chemical status, however most of them still have a poor ecological status. On this ground, the IP Aquatic Ecosystems focusses on the examination of the processes behind aquatic ecosystems in their entirety: from hydrology to ecology, from individual organisms to communities, from individual substances to different cocktails of pollutants, while also taking into account legal and economic frameworks. The researchers of the IP want to complement the existing and status-related management of inland waters with a function-oriented management. Only then their goal can be achieved: an improved status for our inland waters.

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MARS is a collaborative European Union Seventh Framework project, running from 2014 – 2018, which aims to identify and understand how different stressors – for example pollution, water abstraction, and habitat fragmentation – impact aquatic environments, both now and in the future.
The MARS project is looking to untangle how different stressors interact and impact the ecological status, ecosystem functioning, service provision of European waters and the environmental objectives for groundwater. Our work supports stronger water resource conservation and restoration initiatives at the water body, catchment and continental scale, in the context of on-going climatic, environmental and social change

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MOTREM – integrated processes for Monitoring and Treatment of Emerging contaminants for water reuse.

Project will start beginning of 2015, more information will follow.

NORMAN network

The NORMAN network enhances the exchange of information on emerging environmental substances, and encourages the validation and harmonisation of common measurement methods and monitoring tools so that the requirements of risk assessors and risk managers can be better met. It specifically seeks both to promote and to benefit from the synergies between research teams from different countries in the field of emerging substances.

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SOLUTIONS is the acronym of the collaborative project (39 Organizations from 17 countries) entitled „Solutions for present and future emerging pollutants in land and water resources management“ funded by the EU - FP7. The overall goal of the project is to produce consistent solutions for the large number of legacy, present and future chemicals and mixtures thereof posing a risk to European water resources with respect to ecosystems and human health. SOLUTIONS is a major effort in European environmental research to ensure the ecological quality of our freshwater bodies as required by the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD).

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