Special course on theory and practice

 of gene arrays (SC7)

Course description:

The short course on Toxicogenomics aimed to introduce the use of various molecular tools (genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics) to assist (eco)toxicological studies and provide more detailed description and practical exercises in the use of transcriptomics (Gene expression analysis). The course provided an insight into the basics on how to design and perform gene expression studies, performing the transcriptomics analysis (gene expression arrays and next generation sequencing), running biostatistics and bioinformatics, interpretation of data and reporting the data in peer-review journals. 

Agenda & Content SC7


29 October 2014


The course took place at RWTH Aachen, Institute for Environmental Research, Aachen, Germany.

Organized by Knut-Erik Tollefson (NIVA).


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