The dissemination strategy was based on peer related activities and public outreach programs.

Peer related activities included the organization and advertisement of specialized EDA training courses, presentation of EDA-EMERGE activities at conferences (SETAC) and workshops (NORMAN) and the publication of peer reviewed results at conferences and in journals.

Public outreach programs were focused on EDA-EMERGE fellows acting as Marie Curie ambassador presentations to high school sciences students, presentation of eda-emerge activities at science and career fairs and presentation of EDA-EMERGE activities to the non-scientific community such as politicians, media and the general public via scheduled events and invitations.

More information and updates to follow in 2014.


EDA-EMERGE Newsletter



27 Oct 2014, EDA-EMERGE, LC2 - Film course, RWTH Aachen, Germany

28 Oct 2014, EDA-EMERGE, Statistic course, RWTH Aachen, Germany

29 Oct 2014, EDA-EMERGE, SC7 - Gene arrays, RWTH Aachen, Germany

4 Dec 2014, EDA-EMERGE, SC10, Rome, Italy

4 Dec 2014, EDA-EMERGE, LC3 , Rome, Italy

5 Dec 2014, EDA-EMERGE, PM7, Rome, Italy


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