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“Water Lives: new scientific horizons for biodiversity and water policy”
Waterlilies, Photo J. Freyhof

Water Lives: scientific horizons for biodiversity and water policy

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WaterLives Science Policy Brief on Riparian Restoration

29-30 January 2014

Brussels, Belgium

  Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (RBINS) - Museum of Natural Sciences

Numerous EU biodiversity and water related policies have been designed to protect freshwater ecosystems and to ensure their sustainable use. However, major challenges still persist in the implementation of these policies. Freshwater ecosystems support 10% of all animal species on Earth and provide a diverse array of functions and services that contribute to human well-being. In recent decades global freshwater biodiversity has declined at a greater rate compared to terrestrial and marine ecosystem.

Eurasien otter, Photo A. Kunzelmann
Photo: A. Kunzelmann/I.Kroeger - UFZ
Tisza mayfly, Photo Szabolcs Lengyel

Why attend?

The EU FP7 projects BioFresh and REFRESH organise a Science Policy Symposium for Freshwater Life with the aim of bringing together policy makers and stakeholders from the water, energy and conservation sector, NGOs, the scientific community and selected experts to discuss challenges in implementation of the 2020 Biodiversity strategy and the EU Water Framework Directive and to agree on recommendations for policy making and future research.

Hope to see you in Brussels!

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Klement Tockner

Coordinator of FP7 BioFresh


Martin Kernan

Coordinator of FP7 REFRESH

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BioFresh (Co. 226874) and REFRESH (Co.244121) are funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme


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