Shrink Smart - The Governance of Shrinkage


Shrink Smart presents regularly results of the joint work at international conferences, e.g.


  • German Geographers' Meeting, Vienna, 19-26 September 2009


  • IAPS Bi-annual International Conference, Leipzig, 27 June-2 July 2010


  • RSA Annual International Conference in Newcastle, 17-20 April 2011
  • Annual ISA RC21 conference "The struggle to belong. Dealing with diversity in 21st century urban settings" in Amsterdam, 7-9 July 2011
  • RGS-IBG Annual International Conference in London, 31 August-2 September 2011
  • Fourth International Workshop on Post-communist Urban Geographies in Bucharest, 14-17 September 2011
  • International Conference "Urban Development and Politics in Europe and Russia" in St. Petersburg, 28-30 October 2011


  • AAG Annual Meeting in New York, 24-28 February 2012
  • UUA Annual International Conference in Pittsburgh, 18-21 April 2012


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