Shrink Smart - The Governance of Shrinkage


Project meetings

The project consortium organizes regularly full meetings for all SHRINK SMART project partners:

  • The Kick-off meeting of the SHRINK SMART project took place from 10-13 June 2009 in Leipzig (Germany).
  • The second full meeting took place from 12-10 June 2010 in Genoa (Italy)
  • The third full meeting took place from 26-28 May 2011 in Katowice (Poland)
  • The fourth full meeting took place from 22-24 March 2012 in Timisoara (Romania)

In addition to the full meetings, there are mid-term working meetings to discuss the results of the workpackages:

  • Mid-term working meetings to discuss the results of WP2 and WP5 research took place in Ostrava in December 2009 and in Liverpool in February 2011.
Kick-off meeting, June 2009 in Leipzig
Mid-term working meeting in Liverpool, February 2011
Third full meeting, May 2011 in Katowice
Photos by Thomas Arndt and Robert Krzysztofik


Document downloads

The latest work package reports and policy briefs are now available as pfd-files.

Shrink Smart Documents

Photo gallery

Have a look at the case study cities in the Photo gallery.

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