Risk Habitat

Strategies for Sustainable Development in Megacities and Urban Agglomerations

A Helmholtz Research Initiative 2007 - 2011

Risk Habitat Megacity Stakeholder Conference: "Santiago Sustentable 2030. Sustainble Urban Development in Latin American Megacities."

Date: October 27-28, 2010 (Santiago de Chile)
Venue: United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC/CEPAL), Santiago de Chile

The conference aims in discussing the challenges of Sustainable Urban Development in Latin America. The first day will bring together scientists and policy-makers from Santiago de Chile to discuss the overall findings of the Risk Habitat Megacity research initiative regarding the current sustainable situation and recommendations for future development paths in Santiago. The second day opens up the debate to other Latin American megacities. It aims in comparing and contrasting experiences and to move towards a new metropolitan research agenda. The involvement of international organisations such as UNDP, UNESCO, World Bank or the EU opens up the opportunity for discussing opportunities of financing.