We would like to thank all recorders and contributors to the previous atlas (Kudrna et al. 2011; also called MEB-2). Some of these data are still based on a dataset which was compiled by Dr. Otakar Kudrna for his "Distribution Atlas of European Butterflies" (published 2002 in Oedippus; also called MEB-1). We are especially grateful for new or improved data from the following countries:


Data from Austria were replaced with an updated database kept by Josef Pennerstorfer and Helmut Höttinger and thus correcting previous errors.


Anatoli Kulak supplied us with his database from Belarus.


Data from Cyprus were provided by Eddie John. The conversion from UTM grid to the reference locality system caused mistakes in the printed atlas which could now be avoided.


The Danish data are now based on a database of Danish butterflies provided by Anne Eskildsen which is a combination of the following sources:

  • Danish Butterfly Atlas (Michael Stoltze)
  • Fugle og Natur (Citizen Science database, checked by experts)
  • DOFbasen (Citizen Science database, checked by butterfly expert Erling Krabbe; questionable data from inexperienced observers have been removed)
  • Jan Calov atlas survey
  • Martin Bjerg private database
  • Bugbase (Entomological Society observation database)
  • Entomological Society of Fyn (ESFF) database


New butterfly data were supplied by Reigo Roasto from the Estonian Nature Observations Database and by Erki Õunap from the Estonian Butterfly Monitoring Scheme.


Emilio Balletto provided us with his database of Italian butterflies.


Data from Luxembourg were centralised by the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) based on the national database held by the National Museum of Natural History of Luxembourg.

The Netherlands

Data from the Netherlands are now based on an updated data set provided by Dutch Butterfly Conservation / Dutch National Databank on Flora and Fauna (NDFF). De Vlinderstichting In the published atlas some of the dots presented the wrong time period.


Jarosław Buszko provided his database of butterflies from Poland.


Data from Portugal are included in the database of Iberian butterflies, see Spain for further details.


Rudi Verovnik supplied his database of butterflies from Slovenia.


A database of butterflies from the Iberian Peninsula based on 10x10 km UTM grid was provided by Enrique Garcio-Barros and replaces the previous data. It contains data until 2009.


Published butterfly data from Turkey (including those from "Die Tagfalter der Türkei" by Hesselbarth et al. 1995) were provided by Doğa Koruma Merkezi'nin (DKM).

United Kingdom

British butterfly distribution data for 1690-1999 are from the Butterflies for the New Millennium project, courtesy of Butterfly Conservation, and the Biological Records Centre (BRC), and were supplied via the NBN gateway. This dataset replaced the previous one which was created for MEB-2 and contained errors in the time periods. New data for 1800-2014 were provided by Butterfly Conservation UK.