Distribution of Butterflies in Europe (and adjacent areas)

    [Butterflies of the Western Palaearctic]

    As announced in the “Distribution Atlas of Butterflies in Europe” by Kudrna et al. (2011), we are happy to present the next stage of the project which is conducted as a team work under the auspices of UFZ and GfS.

    We plan to go for a system where we show all maps of all species online. We will start with maps of three different time periods and hope to produce more detailed maps (with a fourth period) as soon as the database permits. Consequently, everybody who is interested can check and comment on gaps and errors in the maps. The comments will then be received either online (for those people who are willing to take over more central responsibilities – volunteers are always welcome) or via informing us by email (

    The plan for the start is that Alexander Harpke and Martin Wiemers collect comments and continuously update the database and the respective maps. Of course all comments will be archived and – contrary to the previous periods - we will try to run the system as transparently as possible and thus also provide summaries of comments and changes together with updated maps.

    Our aim is to update the existing data and to put in new data - and in this way to step by step correct the mistakes which unfortunately could not have been avoided previously. Stepwise we also want to replace those data which purely refer to the system of reference localities by "real" coordinates (where the name of the nearest village/town is added, but of course not the coordinates of the village/town itself).

    Step by step we intend to put all maps of all species online, but as a start we only use the examples of Parnassius apollo (Linnaeus, 1758) and Melitaea cinxia (Linnaeus, 1758) for the same time periods as in the 2011 Atlas. We propose to use the UTM projections, as these are the most commonly used and as these give equal areas in each grid cell. We would be happy for comments on this principal approach as we want to improve the system as an effort of the entire scientific community.

    We are completely open to any kind of interaction and joint projects – just let us know.

    Martin Wiemers, Alexander Harpke, Oliver Schweiger, Josef Settele

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