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Open Access in the UFZ

Advantages for the UFZ and the scientists

  • more attention to the UFZ worldwide because of finding references and full text at Google or other searching machines
  • wider spreading of scientific results of the UFZ
  • more frequent citation because it is easier to get to the full text
  • degree of familiarity of the UFZ and the scientist increases
  • because of the green road it is possible to publish furthermore in high-ranking journals

Implementation of Open Access in the UFZ

The green road

The implementation of open access in the UFZ will at first follow the green road. That means that authors publish as before in "traditional" journals. According to the author contract or copyright policies of the publisher the fulltext will be published a second time on the institutional repository (depending on the restrictions of the publisher the original pdf or the final draft are published).

Further information about:

Putting the fulltext on the institutional repository

Addendum to the author contract

To assure the quality with open access only peer-reviewed articles and not pre-prints are archived.

An overview of copyright-policies of different publishers you find in the Sherpa/RoMEO-list.

The golden road

Step by step the green road should be merged into the golden road. That means authors should publish more and more in open access journals. Some UFZ authors already do so.

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