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Career Development Talks

Individual consultations are possible at anytime for postdocs and doctoral candidates who are about to complete their dissertation.

All questions regarding career goals, strategy and planning are welcome:  Academia, yes or no? Switch to the economy, but how? Profile and visibility, how do I find my place in the system? 

Consultation days take place regularly at the Magdeburg and Halle locations. The dates will be announced in the postdoc newsletter. Of course, consultation is confidential.

Appointments with Dr. Anne Mazuga by phone +49 (0)341 - 482235 or by mail to

Skill Check for early career researchers

The Competence-Model of the Dutch University Medical Centers is a profound self-assessment tool. Check it out here:

PhD Competence Model, Dutch University Medical Center.
The Competence-Model of the Dutch University Medical Centers. References: