Dr. Anne Mazuga - UFZ Leipzig (Foto: Sebastian Wiedling - UFZ)

Dr. Anne Mazuga
Dr. Anne Mazuga
Phone +49 341 - 235 482235

Anne studied philosophy and is a trained systemic consultant (DGSF). She advises in individual, confidential conversations on all questions relating to career orientation, career planning and work-life balance. She plans the postdoc trainings, supervises the mentoring programs and conducts welcome talks with new postdocs.

Antje Grusa - UFZ Leipzig (Foto: Susann Walter - UFZ)

Antje Grusa
Phone +49 341 - 235 1749

Antje Grusa is a social economist (Dipl. FH) and has profound experience in social management. She has been head of the family office at the UFZ since 2017. In the Career Center, she takes on all tasks related to project assistance and event management.