Bala Singavarapu


Bala Singavarapu
Doctoral researcher

Department of Community Ecology
Theodor-Lieser-Straße 4
06120 Halle (Saale)

Tel: +49-345 5585316


Bala Singavarapu

Research Interests

I am a molecular microbial ecologist and geneticist with a main research focus on the role of microbial communities in the forest soil ecosystem functioning. My broader interests include host - microbe relationships in different ecosystems.


Currently, I am working on my PhD thesis project as part of TreeDi  in P7 project titled, 'rhizosphere and root microbes'

Besides, I am also working on a pilot study at GCEF funded by TreeDi


Singavarapu, B., Beugnon, R., Bruelheide, H., Cesarz, S., Du, J., Eisenhauer, N., ... & Wubet, T. (2021). Tree mycorrhizal type and tree diversity shape the forest soil microbiota. Environmental Microbiology.

Beugnon, R., Du, J., Cesarz, S., Jurburg, S. D., Pang, Z., Singavarapu, B., ... & Eisenhauer, N. (2021). Tree diversity and soil chemical properties drive the linkages between soil microbial community and ecosystem functioning. ISME Communications.

Al Naggar, Y., Singavarapu, B., Paxton, R. J., & Wubet, T. (2022). Bees under interactive stressors: The novel insecticides flupyradifurone and sulfoxaflor along with the fungicide azoxystrobin disrupt the gut microbiota of honey bees and increase opportunistic bacterial pathogens. Science of The Total Environment, 157941.