Krupa Parmar


Krupa Parmar
Doctoral Researcher
Department of Environmental Microbiology
Working Group Microbial Interaction Ecology
Helmholtz Centre for
Environmental Research - UFZ
Permoserstr. 15, 04318 Leipzig, Germany

Phone +49 341 235-1377

Krupa Parmar

CV / Scientific Career

Since February 2018

Doctoral Researcher;

Project: Phages as vectors and indicators of biological information: consequences for microbial communities and functions (Subproject: AquaDiva A01)

Department of Environmental Microbiology,

Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ, Leipzig, Germany


Senior Research Fellow
Project: Isolation and characterization of sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB) lysing bacteriophages for inhibition of petroleum reservoir souring & SRB induced corrosion

Institute: MACS- Agharkar Research Institute, Bioenergy Group, Pune, India


Project Assistant
Project 1: Microbial diversity of human gut
Project 2: Isolation and characterization of bacteriophages as potential bio- control agent against enteric pathogenic bacteria

Institute: CSIR-National Environmental Engineering Research Institute,
Environmental Genomics and Biotechnology Division, Nagpur, India


Project trainee (Master’s Thesis)
Project: Diversity analysis of root-nodulating bacteria isolated from cultivated Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) varieties

Institute: National Center for Microbial Resources, Pune, India

Research interests

Phage-bacteria interactions

Role of phages in controlling antibiotic-resistant pathogens

Application of “omics” approaches in phage research


Parmar, K.M., Dafale, N.A., Tikariha, H. and Purohit, H.J., 2018. Genomic characterization of key bacteriophages to formulate the potential biocontrol agent to combat enteric pathogenic bacteria. Archives of microbiology, 200(4), pp.611-622.

Parmar, K., Dafale, N., Pal, R., Tikariha, H. and Purohit, H., 2018. An Insight into Phage Diversity at Environmental Habitats using Comparative Metagenomics Approach. Current microbiology, 75(2), pp.132-141.

Parmar, K.M., Gaikwad, S.L., Dhakephalkar, P.K., Kothari, R. and Singh, R.P., 2017. Intriguing interaction of bacteriophage-host association: an understanding in the era of omics. Frontiers in microbiology, 8, p.559.

Parmar, K.M., Hathi, Z.J. and Dafale, N.A., 2017. Control of multidrug-resistant gene flow in the environment through bacteriophage intervention. Applied biochemistry and biotechnology, 181(3), pp.1007-1029.