Oliver Machate

MSc Environmental Chemistry and Health


Department of Conservation Biology
Department of Effect Directed Analysis
Helmholtz-Centre  for Environmental
Research - UFZ
Permoserstr. 15
04318 Leipzig, Germany

Tel: 0341 235 482281
Fax: 0341 235 482281

Persönliche Bild

Lebenslauf / Akademische Ausbildung

2015 - 2017 Master of Science in Environmental Chemistry and Health at the University of Copenhagen.
Thesis Title:Cu and Zn nano particles as a more environmentally friendly alternative to conventional active substances in antifouling paints? - An Environmental Risk Assessment for Cu and Zn nano particles in PT21 products.
2011 - 2015 Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management at the Justus-Liebig-University Gießen.
Thesis Title: “The impact of heavy metals on the biodiversity of weeds and the contamination of the agricultural product wheat, with assessment of the potential health risks, in the “Kosovo
plain” in Kosovo”

Berufliche Tätigkeiten

2016 - 2017 Trainee at the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) in Wallingford, Department for Ecotoxicology.
2016 Internship at the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, Department for the Risk Assessment of Pesticides and Biocides.

Research interests

  • Risk Assessment of Chemicals
  • Impact of Chemicals on the Environment
  • Wildlife Toxicology
  • Environmental Fate and Behavior of Chemicals
  • Species Conservation


People, Pollution and Pathogens (P3)- Mountain ecosystems in a human-altered world
Project duration: 2017 onwards
In the project: Since 2017
Partner:   Ecolab Toulouse
                San Francisco State University
                Nanjing Institute of Geography and Limnology
Contact person: Dirk Schmeller, dirk.schmeller@ufz.de