Lisanne Hölting

Dr. Lisanne Hölting

Guest scientist

Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ
Department Computational Landscape Ecology
Permoserstraße 15
04318 Leipzig, Germany

Research interests

  • Multifunctional land use, including the quantification of multifunctionality
  • The concept and assessment of ecosystem services
  • Spatial modelling and data science (R)
  • Impacts of land use on ecosystem services and biodiversity

Curriculum Vitae

Since 2021: Postdoc in the ECO²SCAPE project at the TU Dresden, Institute of Geography, Chair of Computational Landscape Ecology.

2019-2020: Teaching and researcher position at the TU Dresden, Istitute of Geography, Chair of Computational Landscape Ecology

  • Teaching "Landscape ecology" and "Biogeography" for Bachelor Students in Geography
  • Research position within the ECO²SCAPE project

2017-2020: PhD candidate at Computational Landscape Ecology, BIOECOS Research group ; PhD Topic: "Multifunctionality of landscapes - an ecosystem service perspective" TALE project

2013 - 2015:  M.Sc. in Environmental Sciences in Europe (EnvEuro) - Soil, Water and Biodiversity , University of Hohenheim (UHOH) and Swedish University of Agriculture (SLU) (Double Degree Programme)

  • M.Sc. thesis "Virus removal during artificial groundwater recharge and the effects of organic matter - Tunåsen infiltration basins, Uppsala, Sweden"
  • Mayotte, J. M., Hölting, L., & Bishop, K. (2017). Reduced removal of bacteriophage MS2 in during basin infiltration managed aquifer recharge as basin sand is exposed to infiltration water. Hydrological Processes. to the article

2010 - 2013:  B.Sc. in Environmental Sciences, Specialisation in Ecohydrology; University of Freiburg

  • Internship at the Institute of Groundwater Ecology (IGOE), German Research Centre for Environmental Health - Helmholtz Zentrum München)
  • B.Sc. thesis "Groundwater resources of the Hrazdan catchment area, Armenia"