Current Projects of the Doctoral Representatives

The Doctoral Representatives do-it are connected within the UFZ to many other interest groups and represent a contact person for all PhD students in all circumstances:

Vernetzung der Doktorandenvertretung

We are connected with the doctoral representations of all 19 Helmholtz Centres as Helmholtz Juniors . And as such, we form the N2 - network of networks with the Max Planck PhDnet and the Leibniz PhDnetwork. Therefore, we can speak for about 16,000 doctoral researchers.

Within the UFZ, we work closesly together with HIGRADE , in order to continually improve our graduate school program.

We are also participating in the scientific-technical council with two guest seats and the equality working group.

Current Projects

Doctoral researchers face high psychological and emotional pressure and we want to highlight and combat this fact.

If the pressure gets too great, it is okay to get help: DEVELOP (internal) and Work safety (internal)

We are campaigning for better payment, conditons and integration of scholarship holders.

More information on our scholarship-page.

We are focussing on issues that international doctoral researcher face. This will help the international character of our institution and ease new collegues into the work at UFZ.

Completed projects:

  • Adaption of new PhD contracts to 65% - TVöD
  • Adaption of the PhD contracts according to TVöD standard
  • Contribution to the mission statement for PhD supervision
  • Participation in organizing the UFZ summer events
  • Providing table soccer