Laser Microscopy Applications and Service

Research Institutions

In terms of institutional cooperations, the research group has no service function. In order to take advantage of the laser microscopy facilities the basis should be a mutual scientific interest.

Companies / Industry

On contract basis, the research group will analyse bio-aggregate, bio-film and biofouling samples by means of laser scanning microscopy in combination with various fluorescence techniques.

Structured Approach for Analysing Unknown Biofilm Samples

- reflection
- autofluorescence
- specific staining
- various fluorescence techniques
- 1-photon and 2-photon intensity imaging
- 1-photon and 2-photon lifetime imaging

Analysis of Biofilm Systems

- bacterial cell distribution
- extracellular polymeric substances (EPS)
- microhabitat
- presence of eukaryotic micro-organisms
- 3d visualisation
- quantification of image data sets

Lectin-Binding Analysis of EPS Glycoconjugates

- lectin screening for selection of suitable probes
- application of all commercially available lectins (75)
- lectins conjugated with different fluorochromes
- quantum dot labelled lectins

Experience with many Types of Biofilm Systems

- flocs, aggregates, granules
- films, sediments, mats
- tufa, stromatolites
- aquifer, soil, rocks
- freshwater, marine samples
- wastewater biofilms
- technical biofouling
- medically relevant biofilms