Anna Roeder


Anna Roeder
PhD Student

Department Community Ecology
Helmholtz Centre
for Environmental Research - UFZ
Theodor-Lieser-Straße 4
01620 Halle (Saale), Germany

Tel: +49 345 558 5222
Fax: +49 345 558 5329

Plantago lanceolata

Curriculum Vitae

Since 08/2013

PhD student at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ, Department Community Ecology

PhD-Project: "Diversity effects on plant life-cycle characteristics and popolation structure as a base for understanding community assembly and stability" (funded by the DFG)

Supervisor: PD Dr. Christiane Roscher


Master Thesis:

Nest-site selection in dependency of surrounding vegetation of Heamatopus ostralegus


Bachelor Thesis:

Tolerance to tidal innundation of the neophytes Fallopia japonica and Impatiens glandulifera



Research interests

I am especially interested in biodiversity and the effects of biodiversity on plant populations and individuals. To study these topics I use observational methods such as abundance estimations and manipulative methods like seed-addition. Also I use growth-ring analyses - a method not yet common - to reveal age-structures of populations and communities.


Poster presentation:

Roeder, A., Schweingruber, F.H., Roscher, C., Fischer, M., (2015) Herbchronology as a tool for population studies of plants in the context of biodiversity experiments, 28th Conference of the Population Biology Section of the Ecological Society of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Tübingen