Dr. Karin Ulbrich


Dr. Karin Ulbrich
Senior scientist

Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ
Department Community ecology
Theodor-Lieser-Strasse 4
D-06120 Halle

Phone: +49 345 558 5318
Fax: +49 345 558 5329

Karin Ulbrich

Research areas

My current fields of work are Science Communication and Citizen Science. Using my experience as an ecological modeller, I develop simulation tools and educational software for biodiversity education in the context of Education for Sustainable Development. In the course of the projects I was lucky to meet engaged educators who have been building a powerful network for project development, evaluation and dissemination.



Recent publications

Ulbrich, K., Kühn, E., Schweiger, O., Settele, J. 2019. How many butterflies will lose their habitats? Communicating biodiversity research using the example of European butterflies. In: Zandvliet, D. B. (ed.). Culture and environment : Weaving new connections. Researching environmental learning 4. Brill Sense, Leiden, 93 – 106.

Ulbrich, K., Kühn, E., Settele, J. 2017. Tagfalter-Monitoring fördert fächerübergreifenden Unterricht. Biologie in unserer Zeit 47, 4, 219-220.

Ulbrich, K., Grosse, W.R., Körnig, S., Fischer, J., Schweiger, O., Settele, J. 2016. Lebensräume virtuell und real erkunden - die Lernsoftware PRONAS. Mertensiella 24, 218-225.

Richter, A., Turrini, T., Ulbrich, K., Mahla, A., Bonn, A. 2016. Citizen Science – Perspektiven in der Umweltbildung. In: Bittner, A., Pyhel, T., Bischoff, V. (Hrsg.) Nachhaltigkeit erfahren. Engagement als Schlüssel einer Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung. Oekom. München, S. 95-115. pdf

Ulbrich, K., Schweiger, O., Klotz, S. Settele, J. 2015. Biodiversity impacts of climate change – the PRONAS software as educational tool. Web Ecol., 15, 49–58. pdf

Ulbrich, K., Kühn, E., Wiemers, M., Harpke, A., Settele, J. 2014. „Find the Great Burnet“ – a Citizen Science project. Oedippus.29, 21-31. Pensoft Publishers Sofia-Moscow. pdf


Studies of Chemical engineering, Mendelejev Institute (Moscow, Russia)


Phd in Chemical engineering, Academy of Science, GDR

1989 - 1991

Biocenter, Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg

1992 - 1996

Department for Ecological Modelling, UFZ

1997 - 2001

Institute for Zoology, Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg

2003 - 2005

Biocenter, Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg

since 2005

Department for Community Ecology, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ