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R. Seppelt (2003)
Computer-based Environmental Management, 304 pp.
VCH-Wiley, Weinheim, New York. 2003,
ISBN: 352730732X

Grafik Bucheinband

R. Seppelt, B. Schröder (2006)
Introduction to the Special Issue on “Pattern and processes of dynamic mosaic landscapes”,
Ecological Modeling
199: 377–378

Ecological Modellling

Burkhard, B., Groot, R. de, Costanza, R., Seppelt, R., Jörgensen, S.E. & Potschin, M. (2012)
Solutions for sustaining natural capital and ecosystem services.
Ecological Indicators, 21, 1-6

Ecological Indicators

Selected Journal Papers (peer reviewed)

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Further recommended background reading (partly in German)

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