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Sylvia Ecogod


I studied physics at the Technical University Dresden. Afterwards I had been working in the field of theoretical chemical physics. Since 1992 I have been working in the field of ecological modelling.
The focus of my current research is on population and community dynamics in disturbed and dynamic landscapes with a special focus on a mechanistic understanding of the responses of species and communities to climate change.
In this area, I deal with:

  • Population and community dynamics in dynamic and disturbed landscapes: the impact on species persistence, coexistence and the functioning of ecosystems
  • the role of intra- and interspecific interactions for the dynamics, stability and diversity of communities
  • combination of ecological theory, modelling and experiments: knowledge transfer to microbiology and aquatic ecology
  • human land use and biodiversity conservation in a changing world: ecological-economic modelling for cost-effectiveness in nature conservation

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