GCEF-related theses

PhD theses:

Breitkreuz, Claudia (starting in April 2016): Enhancement of stress resistance of agro-ecosystems by plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) using the example of wheat (Triticum L.). (UFZ)

Berger, Sigrid (ongoing): Effects of climate change and land use change on grassland vegetation and top-down control by plant antagonists (insect herbivores and pathogens). (UFZ)

Siebert, Julia (ongoing): Effects of climate change and land-use on soil organisms and soil processes. (iDiv)

Yin, Rui (ongoing): Structure and function of soil fauna in crop and grassland systems and the effects of climate change. (UFZ)

Han, Cheng
(ongoing): Quantifying land-use intensity and hemeroby of landscapes by remote sensing. (UFZ)

Master theses:

Schirma, Robert (2014): Comparative analysis of two different imaging techniques for the determination of crop growth and plant population. (University Rostock).

Hollingsworth, Patrick (2016): Effects of climate change and land use on composition, body size distribution and function of soil fauna. (University Augsburg) – in german.

Bachelor theses:

Cuntz, Thomas (2013): Experimental characterization and evaluation of wave length specific semiconductor sensor technology for the use in wireless sensor networks. (HTWK Leipzig) – in german.

Pälke, Sebastian (2013): Development of a modular micro controller platform for a sensor network system. (HTWK Leipzig) – in german.

Stolz, Juliane (2014): The influence of climate manipulation in species richness and vegetation cover in the extensively used grasslands of the GCEF. (University Halle) – in german.

Andrzejak, Martin (2015): Effect of climate change on species composition and productivity of differently managed grasslands. (University Halle) – in german.

Schmid, Judith Elfriede (2015): Effects on increased temperature and changed precipitation pattern on yield quality of oilseed rape in two field experiments (University Hohenheim) – in german.

Steffen, Martin (2015): Effects of climate change and land use on soil fauna and litter decomposition. (University Halle) – in german.


January 2016

First lambs in 2016 born!

(Pictures: Konrad Kirsch)
First lamb 2016

December 2015

Website updated.

See Pictures section for new pictures of the first sheep grazing!