Different Workshops are organized on regional level as well as in selected municipalities, in order to coordinate possible adaptive responses by involving different relevant actors as well as to disseminate the current state of the research results.

  • The first workshop took place on April 2014. Representatives of the selected municipalities particiapted.
  • In November 2014, individual workshops with all six municipalities took place, focusing on the discussion of the vulnerability assessment results.
  • In October/November 2015, a series of workshops was held in order to discuss research results regarding vulnerabilities and adaptation to climate change, evaluate the adaptive capacity of municipalities as well as barriers to the implementation of adaptation measures.

    This included an overarching transnational workshop (world-café), six municipal workshops as well as a workshop with academics experts from other Latin American cities. Furthermore, a panel discussion was organized with representatives of different sectors (academics, NGO, ministry, private sector) in order to discuss the preparedness of Santiago de Chile to climate change. Here, a key note speech was given by scientific expert Patricia Romero-Lankao from Boulder (Colorado).

The CLAVE research group is currently working on a joint book on „Cambio climático, vulnerabilidad urbana y adaptación a nivel municipal: Santiago de Chile y otras ciudades de América Latina“.