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Requirements for interns

Students (including schoolchildren) interested in taking an internship at our research centre should use our online application system for their application.

Please note that certain conditions apply. Applications must be based on a prescribed placement for school students, a degree course, an internship prior to a degree programme, or some other form of basic or further training. Applicants keen to do an internship in order to improve their employment prospects also need to submit a letter from their job centre indicating its approval.

To help us find you a suitable position, your letter of application should mention the subject you are studying, the academic year you are currently in, the exact dates you have in mind for the internship, and three or four divisions or departments where you would most like to take it. Given the wide variety of research at UFZ and our areas of specialisation, consult our website to find out exactly what fields we work on. The website also lists the people to contact at the various divisions and departments. The best course of action would be to phone the relevant people to discuss the nature of your proposed internship.

Make sure you also enclose your CV and a copy of your highest qualification. School students should furnish proof from their school that a placement is compulsory. We will then try to find a supervisor relevant to your needs. Assuming we succeed, we will send you an offer.

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