Graduate School HIGRADE

Course name Introduction to Environmental Modeling: Flow Processes in Hydro- and Geosystems
Module [2014MI.04]
Category Introductory
Type Block course
Target group PhD students from related fields of research
Contents (I) Overview of conceptual and numerical models in flow, mass, heat, and deformation processes in porous media
(II) Exercise in groundwater flow modelling
(III) Exercise in geotechnical modelling
(The complementary course "Introduction to Environmental Modelling II" in 2011 will deal with concepts, methods and applications in Landscape and Ecological Modelling)
Didactic aim / competences Providing the students an overview on conceptual and numerical approaches in subsurface modelling, practicing modelling using software, developing own concepts for modelling projects
Didactic elements Lectures, exercises, and project development
Schedule 3 days
Date next in 2014
Time 9:00-12:00/13:00-16:00
Location UFZ Leipzig,Blauer Salon (above canteen building)
Work load 15 hours presence / 15 self-study
Expected performance Active collaboration, modelling exercises, joint preparation of a concept for a modelling project
Number of participants 25 
Deadline n.n.
Lecturer in charge Prof. Dr. Sabine Attinger
Lecturers Prof. Dr. Sabine Attinger
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Olaf Kolditz
Evaluation The course will be evaluated by the students as a whole and on a lecture-by-lecture basis.
Credit points