Graduate School HIGRADE

Course name Introduction to Hydrological Processes, Water Resources Management, and Aquatic Ecosystems
Module [2014MI.07]
Category Introductory
Type Block course (3 days)
Target group PhD students of all disciplines interesting in hydrological, physical, chemical, and biological processes within aquatic environments and environmental engineering of water resources
Contents limnology of running waters, limnology of lakes and reservoirs, integrated water resources management, urban water supply systems, catchment hydrology, water in the vadose zone, modeling approaches, soil physics, nutrient and carbon cycles
Didactic aim / competences • Basic understanding of hydrological processes and functioning of aquatic ecosystems • engineering of water supply systems • scientific basis of water resources management strategies • achieving an interdisciplinary perspective on aquatic environments
Didactic elements 1. Day: Introductory lectures representing the major scientific disciplines in the Water and Soil Sciences Division 2. Day: Excursion (Harz mountains, River Bode, Rappbode Reservoir, TERENO observatory, water works Wienrode) 3. Day: Case studies to selected current research topics
Schedule 3 days
Date April 9-11, 2014
Time ca. 9-17 h
Location UFZ Magdeburg, Brückstr. 3a, Seminar room (stay for externals in UFZ guest house)
Work load 20 hours presence / 10 self-study
Expected performance active collaboration, Catalogue of questions for self-study should be answered after the course and will be graded by the lecturer in charge
Number of participants max. 20 
Deadline February 15th, 2014
Lecturer in charge Dr. Karsten Rinke (
Lecturers Dr. Jan Fleckenstein, Prof. Ralf Merz, Dr. Helge Norf, Dr. Ralf Ibisch, Dr. Ilona Bärlund, Dr. Karsten Rinke, Prof. Peter Krebs, Prof. M. Weitere, Prof. D. Borchardt, Dr. G. de Rooij
Estimated Costs Stay for external participants: in UFZ guest house (up to 16) or in Youth Hostel (has to be organized by participants). For HIGRADE students travel costs will be covered by HIGRADE.
Credit points 1  or 1,5 with graded homework
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