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Sports activities at UFZ Leipzig

Running at UFZ

UFZ running group

The UFZ running group meets regularly. There we will organize small groups according to participants' interests.

Contact: Jens-olaf.delfs(at)

Volleyball at UFZ

Beach volleyball

(UFZ Leipzig) The beach volley field behind building 7 is open for interested players!

Please note: Playing only possible between 15:00 and 20:30 h! There will be no insurance by UFZ!
Balls have to be organized by players.

Organization of court timetable: please contact Simone Pusch, Simone.Pusch(at)



(UFZ Leipzig & Halle) If interested in climbing you can become member of the UFZ-climbing group. The climbing enthusiasts meet irregularly in the Leipzig climbing hall "No limit" or somewhere outside (K4, crags around Leipzig and Halle, Sächsische Schweiz, etc.)...

Contact: Klettergruppe(at)


Fitness studio

Fitness studio (UFZ Leipzig)

Massage at UFZ

Massage studio (UFZ Leipzig)

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News & Events

HIGRADE Spring Conference: 29 April 2015, UFZ Leipzig more info

HIGRADE CareerCafé: 30 April 2015, UFZ Leipzig more info

PhD Retreat "DocDays":  4-5 Nov 2015, Colditz

HIGRADE Fall Conference: 17 Nov 2015, UFZ Leipzig

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