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Application module "Transfer to practice"

The application module is designed to apply the interdisciplinary skills to practical work. The doctoral candidate is claimed to actively plan his/her future career by choosing individual suitable activites for this module. The module is completed by a catalogue of opportunities including: involvement in interdisciplinary research projects and outreach activities; short-term research visits to other laboratories; internships in industry or policy (e.g. authorities, ministries). The supervisors are in charge to give recommendations and help through their networks, if applicable. The module is scheduled for the second half of the first and the second year.
You can choose out of the following offers OR arrange your own activity in agreement with your supervisors and HIGRADE.

Examples/ possible actions

Date/ Location


Scientific excursion to the Federal Office of Environmental Affairs (Umweltbundesamt, UBA)

The excursion intends to provide insight into the structure and work of UBA, recent fields and challenges of environmental policy, and the resulting demands on the research. The excursion will consist of two parts: a presentation of UBA research on a topic the group is interested in and a "guided tour" through UBA (organisation and the architectonically interesting building and largest environmental library in the German-speaking world).

0.1 credit point

September 4th, 2013 in Dessau


Registration together with topic of UBA research fields, in which you are particularly interested, see

(left column of website)

Research Visit/ Research Stay (individual)

Contact e.g. via International Networks:

(min. 1 week)

Contact via supervisor or the Centres directly

Research visit at Bayer HealthCare in Berlin

Research field: "Laboratory for aquatic toxicology in a pharmaceutical company"

min. 2 months


1-week Geophysical or Hydrogeological Field Course:

Dept. Monitoring and Exploration Technologies, more information see

1 cp each


Search platform for scientific partners/projects in Sachsen-Anhalt:

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Dr. Matthias Remmler

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