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Find information on competences, projects and research foci of the participants of publicly funded water research in Germany. The Online Portal on Water Research was created as a result of the project „Analysis of Water Research in Germany“, which was funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The users of the online portal are responsible for the update and correctness of the data on their research units, and allows us to provide up-to-date information to you at all times.

Water Research Institutions in Germany 

Enter the online portal to see who-is-who of water research in Germany. The map below shows more than 160 research organizations with a focus on water research. Move the cursor over the map to see the names of the research institutions. You may use the selection options at the bottom of the page to show selected types of institutions, only. More information can be found in the “internal area” (for quick & easy registration, click here).

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Water research in Germany

Regarding issues like water supply, shipping, ecology and also education and research, the topic “water“ is a very important aspect at almost all colleges and universities as well as research institutions in Germany. Background is the education of young professionals in the water field for managing the challenges of the widespread aspects of water research. Research in the water sector is also driven by state authorities, non-university research institutions and resort research institutes. Large parts of water driven research and technology development are elaborated by the industry and the public water supply and water disposal institutions. This strong fragmentation within the different disciplines of water research (environmental sciences, engineering, social sciences) leads to a huge diversity of water research.

Online-Portal for Water Research

The Online-Portal for Water Research offers the opportunity to get an impression of the acting government-funded institutions with regard to their competences, their regional and thematic contents, their technological equipment and the consisting network of the involved institutional players. Other issues are educational establishments, degree courses at the universities and post graduate programmes, in order to show water related possibilities of studies for future students or Phds.

Transparency, Clarity, Interactivity

This platform should be a transparent, clear and interactive tool for researchers and research furtherer. This goal could be realized with the help of the involved players of the German water research community, which should be regularly updated and developed by themselves.

                                              Need for a joint effort

Sectoral solutions developed within a single discipline are insufficient for understanding the complex overall system. We need a joint effort of water scientists in different fields of water research, in order to develop sustainable and visible results across institutions and disciplinary limits.

For more than ten years the lack of interdisciplinary research and a targeted coordination of efforts has been a subject of discussion within the Senate Commission on Water of the German Research Foundation (DFG-KOWA). These discussions have lead to the conclusion that a focussed, strategic process is necessary to develop common goals among water scientists, and to join forces and integrate the different competences. Only through such a joint effort will the water research community be able to contribute to solving the grand challenges of today and the future.