Water Research Horizon Conference

Summary and Results: Workshop 3 "Scenario Planning for Integrated Monitoring, Assessment and Management in the Water Sector - How can scenarios shape decision-making?"

Workshop Summary presented in the conference closing session:


  • Edeltraud Günther (Chair of Environmental Management and Accounting, TU Dresden)


Last year’s open space workshop “Scenario Planning for Integrated Monitoring, Assessment and Management in the Water Sector” was a great success. Thereby, the high relevance of and interest in the topic became clear. Thus, a continuation of the discussion is crucial. In advance of the Water Research Horizon Conference, a roundtable discussion on “Comparing methods in scenario analysis” (funded by the German Research Foundation) will take place (at 24.06.2013 in Berlin). There, up to 30 international experts in the field of scenario analysis (in water research) will join a discussion on scenario methods in water research, existing global water scenario projects (UNESCO and IIASA World Water Scenarios, World Water Vision) and the scenario transfer on the decision making level. The thus gained experiences and results should be presented and further discussed within an open space workshop. Thereby, to increase the participation of all attendees, within break out sessions, international experts (participants of the roundtable discussion) will guide and discuss with the workshop participants in order to focus the above mentioned aspects and knowledge exchange.

The Water Science Alliance

White Paper

White Paper presenting the 6 priority research fields discussed at the conference in July 2010 (final version, date: 30 November 2010)

4th Water Research Horizon Conference

June, 25/26th 2013
- Berlin


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