present and future emerging pollutants in land and water resources management

The approach

The project wants to provide solutions for emerging pollutants in european water resources in close dialogue with stakeholders.

To that end the project develops the conceptual framework as well as monitoring and modelling tools for the identification, assessment and prioritisation of hazardous pollutants and mixtures in European water resources and suggest river basin specific pollutants.

Concepts and tools will be demonstrated in large trans-european case studies. The knowledge base and decision support for the abatement of risks will be provided.

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What happened so far?

SOLUTIONS performed its first large scale sampling campaign together with the Joint Danube Survey 3 taking water, sediment, invertebrate and fish samples at 68 sites along a river stretch of 2375 km from Regensburg in Germany to the Danube Delta in Romania und Ukraine.

Presently, all these samples are analysed for more than 400 target chemicals, for unknown contaminants as well as for potential adverse effects to aquatic organisms and humans.

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