Protecting Water Resources from Mobile Trace Chemicals - PROMOTE
a Water JPI project

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(as of 15 November 2017 subject to change!)

Thursday, 23 November 2017

12:30 Lunch and Registration

13:00 Welcome - Rolf Altenburger, UFZ, Leipzig

13:10 Introduction
• Persistent and mobile organic chemicals in the water cycle – How large is the knowledge gap? Thorsten Reemtsma, UFZ, Leipzig

13:30 Session 1: PMOCs – Definition, Determination and Occurrence in the Water Cycle

Chair: Thorsten Reemtsma, Leipzig

• Assessment of persistency and mobility – Hans-Peter Arp, NGI, Oslo

• Analysis and occurrence in European waters – Urs Berger, UFZ, Leipzig

• PMOCs – Options and limitations of removal in drinking water preparation – Hervé Gallard, Université de Poitiers, Poitiers

14:30 Poster session with coffee

15:30 Session 2: Consequences for Drinking Water Quality

Chair: Thomas Knepper, Idstein

• Does REACH support the protection of drinking water resources agaioinst PMOCs – Katinka van der Jagt, European Commission, DG Environment, Unit B.3

• PMOCs – Relevance and Consequences for Drinking Water Supply ‐ EurEau, Carsten Schmidt, Cologne

• Persistent, Mobile and Toxic (PMT) Chemicals - a new issue? - Sascha Pawlowski, BASF, Ludwigshafen; Thomas Kullick, VCI, Frankfurt

19:00 Reception and Dinner at Grassi-Museum (for preregistered participants only)

Friday, 24 November 2017

09:00 Iintroduction to Day 2

09:10 Session 3: PMOCs/PMT and regulation

Chair: Pim de Voogt, Amsterdam

• PBT and PBT-like substances – Johanna Peltola-Thies, ECHA, Helsinki

• Voluntary measures and regulatory options for PMT substances under REACH – Michael Neumann, German Federal Environment Agency UBA, Dessau

• Groundwater Watch List (GWWL) – ongoing work in the frame of the EU CIS working group Groundwater – Ronald Kozel, BAFU, Bern

10:40 Posters on display with coffee

11:10 Podium: PMOCs - Consensus, Controversies and Necessities

All stakeholder groups; Moderation: Jennifer Hauck - CoKnow Consulting

12:15 Closure - Thorsten Reemtsma

12:30 Lunch




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