The ModelPROBE project handbook 

"Model-driven soil probing, site assessment and evaluation - Guidance on technologies"


Edited by
Matthias Kästner
Mareike Braeckevelt
Gernot Döberl
Giorgio Cassiani
Marco Petrangeli Papini
Carsten Leven-Pfister
Derk van Ree
ISBN 978-88-95814-72-8
Copyright © 2012 Sapienza Università Editrice, Rome, Italy


This book has been written in order to publish the final outcome of six years of research activities dedicated to both the primary development of emerging (mostly geophysical) methods, and the improvement and combination of previously developed methods, for the investigation and assessment of contaminated sites. The research presented in this handbook was centred around two European Commission 7th Framework program projects: ‘ModelPROBE - Model driven Soil Probing, Site Assessment and Evaluation’ (Grant agreement No. 213161; and, to a much lesser extent, ‘SoilCam – Soil Contamination: Advanced Integrated Characterisation and Time Lapse Monitoring’ (Grant agreement No. 212663; The methods presented in this handbook are ‘non- to low-invasive’, aim for cost-effectiveness, and comprise advanced geophysical site characterization techniques, new types of vegetation analysis, and improved or new biogeochemical methods, mostly combined with direct push applications.
Focusing on a wide potential readership, the book contains general introduction chapters concerning the principles of site assessment, combined with an overview about recent methods and detailed application manuals, as well as an annex providing additional information of general relevance. The reason for publishing the developments of the project is to make the outcomes understandable and available to all potential users: stakeholders, consultants and authorities, and, last but not least, scientists.

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According to the public nature of the EU funding, this handbook is free of charge in terms of publishing the results of the project, and was produced as inexpensively as possible. However, any reprints of the book or of parts of its content are still subject to the copyright of the authors.
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Project handbook now published

"Model-driven soil probing, site assessment and evaluation - Guidance on Technologies"

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