iSOIL - Interactions between soil related sciences -
Linking geophysics, soil science and digital soil mapping


Map of Europe with marks from partners

The consortium consists of 19 partners from nine European countries, including 6 research organisations, 7 universities and 6 SME`s:

1. UFZ

Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research-UFZ

2. GPhI

Bulgarian Academy of Science

3. AAS

Allied Associates Geophysical Ltd.

4. ANS

Allsat GmbH networks+services

5. CRI

Crop Research Institute


Czech University of Life Science Praque

7. EK

8. CEN

European Committee for Standardization

9. GI

Geo-Infometric GmbH

10. JRC

Institute for Environment and Sustainablitity

11. UBO

University Bonn

12. SC

The Soil Company

13. UB

University Bern

14. NSRI

National Soil Resources Institute, Granfield University

15. CAU

Christian- Albrechts University zu Kiel

16. UPD

Universita` degli studi di Padova

17. UT

Universität Tübingen

18. ALT

19. JR

Joanneum Research Forschungsgesellschaft mbH

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Important Information

Project ended in November 2011

CWA 16373 "Best Practice Approach for electromagnetic induction measurements of the near surface" is published and available at CEN or DIN Berlin

iSOIL data are available at

iSOIL is a member of the SOIL TECHNOLOGY CLUSTER of Research Projects funded by the EC

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